Hot off the Press! (ok so it’s handprinted, but you get the idea)

This past week, I’m still recovering from a flurry of activity to get my Lindenwood Show ready and the resulting technical challenges I’m facing.  I’ve been digging out of paperwork and finally getting the calendar for the summer set as well.

Olivia, Julie Gant and Jess Witte after Monochromatic Monotypes. February 2017 Garden Art Project.

I am so happy I did not procrastinate preparing for my Garden Art Project for St. Louis Children’s Hospital.  I worked with Akua inks for the first time- and they made my Monochromatic Monotypes so easy to do with patients.  The small plates we used enabled those in wheelchairs and will gross and fine motor challenges to print their own work.  It worked out beautifully.  The February weather was 70 something and a bit breezy, but it was hopping and so lovely to be outside in their garden.  It’s my third time conducting a workshop, and the whole experience was charming.  A huge thank you to Julie Gant and Rita Scott for making it so easy to race in and create in such a fun setting.  A huge thank you to Karla Hackenmiller for the skills and printmaking enthusiasm, and for giving me a perspective to push myself and others in a healthy, non-competitive way.

Since HIPPA doesn’t allow us to include photos of patients, here’s me with Julie and her assistant Olivia who made a crazy, busy day so wonderful.