St Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase

Looking forward to Thursday at 5 pm at the Tivoli to see ‘Seed the Change” projected 30 feet across the Tivoli’s screen.  Looking even more forward to seeing it with the crew, volunteers and friends who made the work possible in the first place.

This week has been one of firsts.  First time I have been included in the St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase.

First time in a theatre in at least a year.  First time I have gone to five showings in a single day… seeing all 36 movies on Sunday.  I am humbled by the talent and range in St. Louis.  Robert T. Herrera’s Palacios was breathtaking and I loved the cadence and tenor of Maggie Zhu’s 1435.  The collaboration required to do such high production value films was evident- and thought-provoking.  I saw 14 more films on Monday.  Anthony Nicolau’s The Night Owl was haunting and horrifying.  Wow.  I can’t believe my documentation of Seed the Change made it in.  I was able to see Isaac Knopf’s Trich and he said the whole time watching his own film his heart was pounding.  I am sure I will be in the same place in a few days (but for only 4 minutes not 17).  All the details of his film were impeccable- from the sounds of plucking out hairs to the wonderful artful sequence at the end with hairs coming off the letters in the credits.

I’m looking forward to the awards to see if my picks will also be the ones selected by the professionals and professors who are the jury.  I have learned a lot from watching and hope to connect with some of these talented people to help push my art’s documentation to the next level.