Still Adjusting…

Identity Artifacts  

I went with a friend to see Zlatko Cosic’s Still Adjusting show at UMSL’s Gallery 210. The write up I saw on critical mass’s email intrigued me, and my gut lead me to gold. We spent a long time with the work individually- and then talked about it.

Temporary Graffiti-Banja Luka-St. Louis 01-sTemporary Graffiti-Banja Luka-St. Louis 02-s

I really fell for the Temporary Graffiti piece.  I saw it as an act of defiance- but futile against the march of time and institutions and power (architecture).  I went to see if a bulb burned out on one of the projectors it only showed Banja Luka, Yugoslavia (present day Bosnia and Herzegovina) and not scenes from St. Louis as in the title– and ran into Zlatko coming to shoot documentation shots of the show. The conversation afterwards was lucid and reaffirmed my faith in visual art as an agent of change and catalyst for meaningful conversations. His focus for artwork “establishing a dialogue” was obvious and inspirational. Only the Chimney Stays

Meeting artists with strong work and firm grounding was incredibly encouraging. I could tell he was a very knowledgeable, generous and charismatic teacher (and got some great advice on documentation for my upcoming August show at Florissant Valley’s contemporary gallery.)

I was also deeply moved by a later conversation about parenting as art and focus… at times I feel the two are mutually exclusive, but am working to bridge the gap that is my own mental block. Overall, a WONDERFUL DAY… I want to hold on to my awakened, refreshed state of mind. Thanks Zlatko and E. I respect and admire you both and your work.